Consultancy Standards

You do not commission consultants but messengers for your business. Experts who motivate, convince and win over.

You have high expectations of us. And we make great claims about our service:

You and your interests are our number one priority.
As an independent consultancy firm, we are obligated to the interests of our clients and candidates and nothing else. This ensures a high degree of efficiency with regard our consultancy service.

You have the right to a personal consultant.
Each consultant serves their own client personally. Clients are never passed on to junior consultants or external researchers.

You can enjoy the highest level of consultancy.
Executive search is a demanding task. That is why our focus is on the systematic structure and on the sourcing of qualified partners. Several years of management experience at the top addresses in industry, trade and service is just one selection criterion.

You have a right to consultants who motivate and convince.
Besides the position to be filled, we are also interested in your objectives, your markets and your company culture. This in turn allows us to motivate, convince and source candidates for you in the best possible way.

You have a right to open communication.
Trust is the basis of successful co-operation. This includes honest discussions about opportunities, challenges and the objectives of the position to be filled.

You can enjoy absolute confidentiality.
All confidential information that comes to light during discussions with our team will be treated with great discretion. This is true for both our clients and our candidates.