You don't engage the services of consultants, but ambassadors for your cause. Experts who motivate, convince and win over.
The following principles apply when working together:
You and your interests have top priority.
As an independent consulting firm, we are committed solely to the interests of our clients and candidates. This ensures high consulting efficiency.
Each consultant looks after his or her mandate personally from A to Z.
In addition to the vacancy, we are interested in your goals, your markets and your corporate culture. This enables us to optimally motivate, convince and win over candidates for you.
Open communication and absolute trust are basic requirements.
Trust is the basis for a successful cooperation. This includes an honest exchange about opportunities, challenges and goals of the position to be filled. All information received during the interview, including confidential information, is treated discreetly.


The systematic search and selection of executives and highly qualified specialists through direct approach is the most efficient method of filling key positions. In particular, candidates who are not in an active phase of professional reorientation prefer the neutral approach and discreet advice of a personnel consultant and can thus be motivated to reorient themselves. In addition, every position offered by a consultant is held in particularly high esteem by the candidates.


After an in-depth analysis of the position environment, we formulate the tasks and requirements on which the search is based. In order to obtain a diversified selection at the end of the process, it is important to think out-of-the-box and also consider candidates from industries that enable know-how transfer.

We rely on our own in-house research consultants. The aim is to identify the most suitable candidates based on the specifics of the market environment and the target company list that has been drawn up. In addition to publicly accessible platforms, we primarily use the extensive personal contacts of our consultants, our database and contacts to industry experts who provide additional promising recommendations.

After analyzing the CVs and references, we conduct detailed, personal interviews with eligible candidates. On the basis of these interviews, we prepare corresponding "Confidential Reports" and, if desired, obtain references or integrate special aptitude tests into the selection process.

Once the selection phase is completed, the responsible consultant will personally introduce you to suitable candidates. During the interview, they assumes the role of a supervisor. This is because valuable insights often emerge from the position of observers. In order to give you the maximal decision-making certainty, the interview with the candidate is followed by a joint reflection between you and the consultant.

It is of great concern to us that the newly acquired executives quickly gain a foothold in your company. Therefore, if desired, we accompany the integration of the executives and seek discussions with clients and candidates at regular intervals.

Practice Groups

For more than 40 years, Ising International has been successfully advising well-known companies on filling management and specialist positions in the following industries:

In the practice group Media & Publishing Houses, Ising International Consulting advises, among others, companies from the following sectors:

  • Media Houses
  • Publishing Houses

In the Patent & Legal Practice Group, Ising International Consulting advises companies and law firms on the staffing of

  • Patent Attorneys
  • Lawyers

In the practice group Professional Services, Ising International Consulting advises, among others, companies from the following sectors:

  • Tax consulting and auditing companies
  • IT consulting / IT staff departments in companies
  • Strategy, M&A and restructuring consulting
  • Public relations / advertising

Within the Industrial Practice Group, Ising International Consulting primarily advises companies in the following segments:

  • Automotive
  • Construction / -materials / -suppliers
  • Chemistry / Analytics
  • Renewable Energies
  • Mechanical / plant engineering
  • Manufacturing industry

In the practice group Infrastructure & Public Services, Ising International Consulting advises, among others, companies from the following sectors:

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Logistics, transport and traffic industry
  • Public administration including agencies, public utilities and ministries
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Foundations, church and cultural institutions
  • Associations

Within the Information Technology Practice Group, Ising International Consulting advises, among others, companies and start-ups in the following sectors:

  • AI
  • Robotic
  • IT Consulting & IT Services
  • Software
  • Semiconductors & Electronics

In the practice group Life Sciences, Ising International Consulting advises, among others, companies from the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, including generics
  • Diagnostics, Dialysis, Transfusion Medicine, CRO
  • Medical technology
  • Medical services

We support your company as an external HR department in all operational and strategic HR topics, from recruiting to administration and day-to-day HR business.

This includes:


Wir bieten je nach Wunsch entweder ein Festhonorar oder eine prozentuale Regelung. Unsere Kunden erhalten eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung und wir verpflichten uns, die Suche so lange fortzusetzen, bis das Projekt erfolgreich abgeschlossen wurde.


In the event that a final candidate hired by you does not succeed in the first six months of their employment, we would start the project anew without charging any additional fee and would only continue to charge the actual travel expenses incurred by consultants and candidates in the process.
Off Limit: A key element of our business policy is that we do not actively approach employees of our clients for positions with other clients. This rule relates to the business sector we are advising. It applies as long as a business relationship exists, but for at least two years.