In the Industrial practice group, Ising International Consulting supports companies from the following sectors

  • Building materials suppliers
  • Chemicals / Analytics
  • Renewable energy
  • Mechanical engineering / plant construction
  • Producing industries

This sector is one of the largest practice groups at Ising International Consulting and serves a broad field spanning from the building industry to the chemicals and energy sector to classical mechanical engineering and plant construction and the producing industries. The challenges facing our clients include: increasing internationalisation, foreign production and sales markets, the rapid internationalisation of the competition, the lack of raw materials and the high volatility of the economic cycles. As such, there is a great need for top-quality executives and specialists.

Through our indepth knowledge of the market and industry, combined with highly qualified consultants, Ising International Consulting can look to a very successful balance in the filling of key positions in these industries, and has the best quality consulting via long-term ties to first-rate personalities and esteemed companies.

Our clients place their trust in our consultants who have themselves worked in the respective industry, either as an executive or consultant. In addition, when it comes to international projects, we can call upon colleagues from across the globe who are organised in the global “Industrial” practice group.