Information Technology

In the Information Technology practice group, Ising International Consulting supports companies from the following sectors

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Semi-conductors & electronics
  • IT consulting & IT services
  • Communications

Factors which technology-driven companies have to contend with include a constant pressure to innovate, rapidly changing market conditions, new fields of business, regional focii and global competition. This dynamic rubs off on the requirement specifications for executives and specialists more than in almost any other industry.

The willingness to constantly confront change processes with a positive mindset is a basic qualification for a successful career in this sector. And the demand for specialists and executives is great. There is a requirement to be able to successfully represent new responsibilities both within the company and externally without the need for extended integration and induction periods.

We have many years of experience in this field and are well-versed in the specific requirements that also face consultancy firms when it comes to filling top management positions. The consultants working in our “IT Technology” competence centre have applied their flexibility, their vision and, above all, their precise knowledge of the market and trends to successful solutions for our clients in numerous projects.

Our knowledge of the technology sector means that we have a network of personalities who put their trust in us. This provides us with interesting and concrete market information as well as pointers to suitable discussion partners. Thanks to our excellent industry knowledge and the experience that we have in international consulting, our clients can trust us to put them into contact with the very best candidates.