Infrastructure & Public Services

In the Infrastructure & Public Services practice group, Ising International supports companies from the following sectors

  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Logistics and transport
  • Infrastructure and project financiers
  • Public administration, including agencies and public utility companies, ministries
  • PPP / BOT project organisations
  • Healthcare and social bodies
  • Foundations, clerical & cultural institutions

The requirements and economic framework conditions concerning the Infrastructure & Public Services sector have changed considerably – when compared to other countries, Germany lags behind here; in part, due to the respective growth potentials.

In the past, a large percentage of services delivered were financed and funded by the national government, the regional countries or local authorities. This funding has since been either partially or completely cut. As a result, services previously delivered by the public sector are being increasingly incorporated into businesses whose legal foundations represent modern business structures. New organisational structures reflect the requirements of modern service organisations, which in turn impacts on the company culture and on the requirements facing the staff and executives.

Alternatively, private companies are increasingly taking over the financing and operation of traditionally public sector tasks, for example operating airports, postal services, rail transport, healthcare and waste disposal. Private companies are, thus, becoming increasingly involved in the infrastructure sector.

Particular conditions and values apply in all cases, especially against the backdrop of public-legal partners and special public interest. These must be taken into account when it comes to recruitment processes. Thanks to the networking of our practice expertise, experience and contacts, for example from the Financial Services and Professional Services sectors, are incorporated into the respective recruitment mandates, thus ensuring that we successfully complete the mission with which we are tasked.