Media & Publishing Houses

In the Media & Publishing Houses practice group, Ising International supports companies from the following sectors

  • Media companies
  • Publishing houses

Following the boom years prior to the turn of the century, this industry was hit particularly hard by the negative business development between 2001 and 2009. Economic problems were combined with structural problems caused by an increasing migration of classified advertising to the internet, particularly in the case of daily newspapers.

Companies have since optimised their cost structures and organisational efficiency, which has in turn resulted in a positive development in line with the improved economic conditions since the beginning of 2010. Furthermore, the “online sector” has increased massively in all media companies – be it print or electronic media – and now makes a pleasantly positive contribution to sales figures. In most companies, the largest investments are currently being made in “online marketing” and “online content”. At the same time, the need for executives and specialists in the industry is once again growing. Finding, identifying and, above all, winning the “best” amidst the changed conditions and structures requires an excellent knowledge of the industry, lots of experience as well as good contacts and connections within this specialist market.

Ising International Consulting is one of the few recruitment consultant firms with a proven track record in this environment which goes back many years and which can point to corresponding references.