Professional Services

In the Professional Services practice group, Ising International supports companies from the following sectors

  • Law firms
  • Patent firms / patent policy units within companies
  • Tax consultancy and auditing firms
  • IT consultancy / IT policy units within companies
  • Strategy, M&A and restructuring consultancy
  • Public relations / advertising

The market within which consultancy firms operate is constantly developing and in turmoil. The wave of expansions and mergers at the end of the last decade combined with a strong internationalisation – in particular in terms of law firms, tax consultancy and auditing firms – resulted in a consolidation and focusing. The strong market entry into the German market, above all by US and British consultancy firms and law firms, has increased the pressure on the companies involved. This has resulted in a different positioning of the companies; both at the national and international level. With the markets now strong again, the demand for technically experienced and skilled partners and staff has grown massively amongst accredited professionals and consultants.


In line with this, when it comes to filling associate or partner positions, a great deal of market knowledge, a strong intuition for the situation of professionals and lots of experience with regard the structure and culture within consultancy firms and law firms, as well as their communication channels, is required along with the utmost in discretion.

The internationalisation and interdisciplinary co-operation by consultancy firms also represents an exciting challenge for the services that we provide, which we in turn accommodate through our international network.